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Paddle Canada Level 2 Course Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville & Burlington


If you want to be notified if someone cancels their place, please email

As Paddle Canada kayak instructors we offer Paddle Canada Level 2 courses in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville & Burlington and other parts of the GTA. 


Our Paddle Canada Level 2 courses are run over 2 weekends on a Saturday & Sunday so you don't need to take a vacation day from work to attend the Paddle Canada Level 2 course.  As our L2 course is held in the GTA, you do not need to have any camping gear or camping experience in order to enroll on the Paddle Canada Level 2 course with us. 


The cost for the 4 day Paddle Canada Level 2 course is $550 +HST which is the lowest cost for a Paddle Canada Level 2 course in the GTA.

The aim of the Paddle Canada Kayak Level 2 course is as follows:  

Building on the skills developed in Level-1, Level-2 provides paddlers with the intermediate skills they need to go sea kayaking in moderate conditions.  Leadership, incident management, open-water rescue, self-care and navigation are core parts of the L2 course.

Location: Toronto/Mississauga Area

Course Length: 4 days. You are not required to go camping overnight for this course.

Course Prerequisites: Paddle Canada Level 1 Certification or equivalent kayaking experience. 

Cost $550 +HST

Skills that we will teach you as part of this course:

Rescue skills

Unassisted re-entry
Assisted re-entry

All-in Entry

Bow Rescue

Introduction To Rolling

Paddling skills

Launching/landing in rough seas 
Advanced edging 
Forward stroke
Sweep strokes
Low & High Brace Strokes

Draw Strokes

Dynamic turning strokes
Paddling in wind, waves & current


Introduction To Tides & Currents

Wilderness Navigation Techniques and Chart/map Work

Weather Interpretation and Basic Forecasting

Emergency Overnight Planning
Journeying and seamanship

Leadership and Decision Making

Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Evacuation Options

Required Gear

If you want to bring your own kayak, it must have 2 bulkheads and perimeter decklines  and you will need to bring your paddle, pfd, paddlefloat (dual chamber are best), pump, 50ft of floating rope, personal towing system, compass and other navigation accessories. Full information on required gear will be sent out to you upon registration.

If you do not have a kayak, we can supply a rental kayak and all required safety gear for this course, just let us know if you need to rent a kayak.

Cancellation & Refund Policy 

Full payment is required upon registration. If you need to cancel your place after you register and have paid in full we will give you a full refund if we can find someone to take your place.

If you want to book your Paddle Canada Level 2 course in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington or have questions about this Paddle Canada Level 2 course email or call (647) 848-5759

Testimonials From Previous Students

Your knowledge and enthusiasm for kayaking are both great.  You are motivating and convey a genuine caring for the safety and well being of kayakers.  You recognize that people are drawn to the water and want to foster that love, but also encourage people to recognize limits (in skill, attention, strength, etc).  You were able to offer correction and feedback constructively and, when appropriate, firmly.  You could get the right message across and have it accepted (in this day and age. people are expecting no critique) because it was clear that it was in our best interests.  That's an increasingly rare skill in educators in any setting (and not easy) these days.  Nice! From Susan

Declan was great. Theory was done at the right pace. Scheduling was flexible and accommodating, due to the weird weather. From Jenn

You're natural as a leader and instructor. You lighten up the mood so we're not overly serious all the time. You use compliments effectively. Effective communication before and during the course. From Abdullah

Honestly, you were awesome.  You have a great mix of being serious and adding humour to the course.  You were well organized and flexible to the weather conditions, altering the course to deliver the theory while waiting out the rain.   I really enjoyed the whole weekend despite the weather conditions.  I appreciate all the guidance you gave me to improve my technique. From Amy

I applaud you for your teaching techniques. You bring energy with your enthusiasm. We're all better because you kept on us. I think we all need to be reminded lots because our brains aren't wired that way. Couldn't have been easy for you.  I appreciate you putting your heart into this. From Pierre


If you want to book your Paddle Canada Level 2 course in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington or have questions about this Paddle Canada Level 2 course email or call 647 848 4177 



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