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Take Kayak Lessons In Oakville

Learn how to kayak from the best kayak instructors In Oakville. We offer kayak lessons right here in beautiful Oakville, so if you live in the Oakville area, look no further for kayak lessons, as we teach kayak lessons right here in Oakville.

Are you new to kayaking and you would like to learn the right and safe way to kayak? Or maybe you already know how to kayak and you you just want to grow your existing kayaking skills? If this is the case,  we are the right choice for you. Our experienced, friendly and Paddle Canada approved kayak instructors in Oakville are here to help you.

All of our kayak lessons in Oakville are offered on a one-on-one (private) or on a group basis, whichever you prefer. We offer kayak lessons in Oakville at affordable rates with the best kayak instructors around.

If you do not have your own kayak or kayaking gear, no problem, we can supply a kayak, paddle and all safety gear as part of your kayak lesson.

To book a kayak lesson in Oakville email  

Check our our customer reviews.

Here are some kayak lessons in Oakville options that we offer.

Option 1. Introduction To Kayaking Lessons In Oakville - Perfect If You Are New To Paddling


Our experienced kayak instructors will teach you in a fun and easy way the basic kayaking strokes, how to kayak correctly, how to get in and out of your boat safely, how to perform rescues in case you capsize or if someone you are paddling with capsizes. We will also review the safety gear that you are required to have by law.


We also offer kayak refresher lessons, should you want to refresh on how to perform some of the basic kayaking skills and rescues correctly.

Contact us for dates and prices. We offer private one on one classes and group classes.


Option 2. You Are Already A Kayaker And You Know The Basics Of Kayaking


This kayak lesson is perfect for you if you already know the basic stokes such as forward, reverse, sweep but you want to learn more advanced strokes or different types of rescues. 


We also offer kayak lessons that cover rough water paddling, kayak surfing and navigation.

Contact us for dates and prices. We offer private one on one classes and group classes.


Option 3. Paddle Canada Accredited Courses (Paddle Canada Level 1, 2, 3).


Should you wish to achieve Paddle Canada certification we run a number of Paddle Canada certification courses over the year.  All of our kayak instructors are Paddle Canada certified instructors. Contact us for dates and prices.

Customer Review

Your great preparedness with all of the "gear", honest appraisal of what is good/not so good gear, starting and finishing on time each day. Great instruction giving skills where you break strokes and rescues into the components for us to learn and then provide lots of practice/feedback time for them. Mixing in some fun "game" type things was good. It was a challenging day with the wind and waves so thought it went well and stayed focussed in those waves. From Karen

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